The Thesis

What is a thesis statement?

Simply put, a thesis statement is one or two sentences that sums up your argument/analysis.

What should a thesis statement do?

  • Introduces AND answers the topic/question
  • Distill your entire essay into one or two sentences
  • Help organize and develop your argument
  • Provide the reader (teacher) with a “guide” to the rest of your essay

Why do I need a thesis statement?

The thesis statement is the backbone of the rest of the paper. Often, even if the rest of the essay is incoherent, a good thesis will allow the teacher to understand where you were at least trying to go.

On the subpage “Thesis Crafting,” you will find a series of blog-posts on how to generate a thesis (both with and without a prompt) and how to ensure your thesis is a strong one. If you’re looking for something specific, try the search bar!