Dear Taft Student,

My name is Marisa Mission, c/o 2017, and I started this website so other Taft students could find the help they needed in order to express themselves.

Taft has a wonderfully diverse population, not just in racial/ethnic and socioeconomic terms, but also in terms of educational backgrounds and experiences. This diversity often leads to differences in the way we write and express ourselves, but not all of those differences are embraced by the grading system. As a Writing Center volunteer, I noticed that the students I was helping often had questions or problems that couldn’t be fixed in one night or one essay. Thus, for my Senior Project, I compiled as many resources as I could, extracted what I thought was the best and most helpful, and published the results in blog form. I’ve done my best to address all areas of an essay, from the first sentence to the last, for everything including English essays, history papers, and science lab reports.

Please let me know what you think and if something can be improved! I sincerely hope that my work may help you and the next generation express yourselves to the best of your ability. Now, go forth and write!